Grace Church Board

The Grace Church Board is responsible for the overall governance of the network of Grace Churches. During their quarterly gatherings, they take a high level look at both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of Grace. From metrics like giving and attendance, to things like engagement and outreach, they work with our lead pastor, Sung Kim, to review and evaluate the overall direction and health of the church.  We are grateful for their giftings and hard work, especially over these last several years.

Read on to learn more about our current board members in their own words.
My name is Clare Braun and I live in Ann Arbor with my amazing husband, Erik Braun, our two wild boys, Fitzgerald (3.5) and Dominic (2), and our third baby due in early June (no we do not know the gender!). My family and I have been attending Grace Church since 2010 when Erik and I were student-athletes at the University of Michigan and started going to Grace Ann Arbor. We have been going there ever since! I work for Michigan Central which is a small part of Ford transforming the Detroit Train Station and surrounding area into an innovation district. On the weekends we love to be outside - whether it is snowmobiling, water skiing, yard work, or construction projects, our boys keep us moving. If we are not in Ann Arbor you can find us up north on Lake Charlevoix. And at all times you can find me with a donut in hand and most likely writing snail mail.
Community groups at Grace Church have always been a big part of our Grace experience. Our group has changed A LOT over the course of 12 years, but it has served different purposes in different phases of our lives - each purpose unique, special, and absolutely crucial. The relationships we have formed in our CG are so life giving and impactful.
God has really been working on teaching me to let go of control - especially as a mom. I want to be the best at everything: work, mom, wife, friend - but when I try and have that mentality, I am missing out on the fullness of God's grace and plan for the day. It is ok to have help, to have an amazing community, and to admit you cannot do everything .

My name is Janelle Simmonds. My husband Mark, daughters Aliyah (13) and Madeleine (10), and I have attended Grace Canton for nearly six years. In addition to my serving as a member of the Grace board since 2020, Mark and I lead a community group, and I have served on the worship team. I've also been part of a discipleship circle for the past year and a half.
Outside of church, I lead the Partnership Development team at the University of Michigan's Center for Academic Innovation, which is the hub for much of the university's open and online learning. I also recently completed my certification as an executive coach. I love reading, travel, writing and spending time most summers with our family and friends in the UK. Spiritually, the theme of recent seasons for me has been about deepening my trust in God and learning how to walk in that trust daily.

My name is Mike Zomermaand and I have been married to my wife Barb for 42 years this July. I am recently retired for the second time, as the first attempt at retirement a few years ago didn’t work out due to boredom. My wife retired a few years ago and never looked back. We have three adult children, and three granddaughters. One of our daughters, Hannah, attends and is active at Grace Canton. The others live out of the area.
My career was in Information Technology at Ford Motor Company and the last few years with GM Financial. With my second retirement I look to spend time with our children and granddaughters, spending time traveling. I enjoy physical activities – mountain bike riding, hiking, exercising, and some less physical activities like reading.
Barb and I attend Grace Canton. We began attending the faith community that has evolved over the years to what is now Grace Canton since 1983. Through that time this faith community has been through four name changes, four locations, and three pastors. We have experienced the faithfulness of God throughout this entire time.

Besides being on the Board, I am plugged in a few places. I am a Community Group leader, a Campus Elder at Canton. One of the roles I strive for is to be a support for the location pastors. I try to check in with them periodically to see how I can support them. I find all these roles very important to me in serving God and others. I am amazed at God’s faithfulness to us in providing all sorts of resources – people, finances, opportunities for service, new locations, etc. His goodness knows no end.