Pastor Sung's Travels

Pastor Sung's Travels

Apeldoorn & Rotterdam, Netherlands

Pastor Sung had the opportunity to go on a 16 day trip visiting strategic partners in Europe and Asia. His first stop was Filadelphia Gemeente in Apeldoorn, a church pastored by Christiaan van Dijk. People in Apeldoorn generally keep to themselves but the congregation has continued being a light to their neighbors by hosting twice-weekly Cafe Nights; serving free coffee and treats as they seek to deepen friendships and strengthen relationships with the surrounding community.

Rotterdam is home to the Peterson family, missionaries who were expelled from Turkey during a recent government purge of foreign influence. They have shifted their focus to helping Muslim refugees who have been displaced because of conflicts in their home countries. Pastor Sung is planning to gather a group of Grace Church members in the coming year to return to these communities in the Netherlands to support the missions and build the visions there. More to come on that front!
Filadelphia Gemeente in Appeldoorn

Pastor Sung had a whirlwind tour of various ministries in Nepal, including preaching at a local church, touring a rug factory run by missionaries employing local non-Christians, attending a training and church planting conference, and meeting with Pastor Bishesh and his wife Basanti as they held a building dedication ceremony for Holy Vision Church.  Grace Church has played a huge part in providing the funds for this church build; it was a joy to see it being filled with exuberant, Christ-centered worship and fellowship! Pastor Sung was encouraged by the rich faith and generous hospitality of believers he met, even as they were surrounded by immense material poverty.
Holy Vision Church in Nepal and Pastor Bishesh on his motorbike provided by Grace Church

After a brief pause to trek the Himalayas, and a reunion with some missionary friends, Pastor Sung headed to Bangkok to meet the founder of Destiny Rescue, an organization Grace Church has partnered with for many years that focuses on rescuing women and children from sex trafficking and exploitation.  Pastor Sung helped in some undercover work in an area that was known to traffic minors. He was reminded of the call God gives us to love everyone, and be light to everyone.  We are grateful for the partnership we have had over the years with Destiny Rescue, an organization that seeks to be a light to those who have experienced great injustice. "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." (John 1:5)