Season 7 Rhythms of Grace Podcast

Season 7 of Rhythms of Grace Podcast

Pastors Sung Kim, Christine Anderson, and Nate Kimball kicked off 2023 with a new season of Rhythms of Grace podcast. The theme of this season is Things I Wish I'd Known, exposing lies, half truths and foolish beliefs about a variety of topics and replacing them with truth, principles and wise counsel. New episodes drop every Tuesday.  Read below for a brief description of episodes that have already been posted and consider giving them a listen:

Episode 1: Why Resolutions Never Work
Sung, Nate, and Christine are kicking off 2023 by talking about some things that they wish they'd learned sooner. This week, they ask (and answer) the age-old question: Why do New Years resolutions never work? Don't worry though; they also have some tips to help you make resolutions that stick.

Episode 2: Don't Rely on Willpower.
This week on Rhythms of Grace, Sung, Nate, and Christine talk about whether or not willpower has limits? Should we lean on inspiration? Is there a third option?

Episode 3: Forgive or Forget?
We've all heard the phrase "forgive and forget," but is that really our best option? As we continue in our series, Things I Wish I'd Known, Sung, Nate, and Christine wrestle with what healthy forgiveness really looks like.

Episode 4: There Are No Perfect Parents
It is easy to assume that good parents raise good kids and bad parents raise bad kids...But what do we do when our kids don't turn out the way we expect, despite our best efforts? Sung and Nate offer up some parenting wisdom as they wrestle with the reality that nothing is guaranteed.

Episode 5: Is Faith a Fix-All?
After a brief (but tasty) chocolate tangent, the team dives into a big question in the church today: Can faith fix everything? The Bible definitely seems to say so...but how do we reconcile that with the pain and injustice we see in the world around us?

There are more episodes to come in this season, and you can listen to previous episodes and seasons at the button below or wherever you listen to podcasts by searching "Rhythms of Grace".