September 22, 2021

Romans 6:23
For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Hang around children long enough and you’re guaranteed to hear it: “That’s not fair!”  Where does this idea of fairness come from? Why do we all feel it, young and old? Well, it’s built into us!

The idea of what’s “fair” appeals to the innate sense of justice God has given us. God is just, and since we’re created in His wonderful image, a deep sense of justice is part of us as well. And it’s not hard to see. If you have ever been wronged, what’s almost always the first thing that we think? “Who’s responsible for this? Who must be held accountable? This is wrong and somebody must make this right!”  We don’t have to remind ourselves to think about justice – we do it automatically. If somebody wrongs me, then somebody must pay.

Now let’s look again at our passage and consider the cost of our own wrongdoings. Reread today’s verse several times and meditate on it. It’s easy for us to see others’ sins, but what about the flip side? Do you have a good understanding of your own sin and brokenness? What payment is required for your sin? And how deeply do you comprehend that someone else has paid the price for your wrongs because you could not? Let’s ask God to speak to us today through this beautiful text and open our eyes to the magnificence of His salvation!
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