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Words of Grace | Psalm 23 | Introduction
May 6th, 2024
Psalm 23 is by far the best-known and most frequently recited Psalm in the entire Bible. But why has this particular Psalm meant so much to so many people? Why is it recited during some of the most pa...  Read More
by Grace Church
Netherlands Mission Team is Back
August 25th, 2023
Welcome Back Netherlands Mission Team! Thank you Grace Church for your prayer and support for our Netherlands Team! We saw God at work as we partnered with pastor Christiaan and Cecelia VanDijk and th...  Read More
by Grace Church
GSM Goes to Knoxville, TN!
July 14th, 2023
This Sunday, July 16th, thirteen students and four leaders will set out for Knoxville, Tennessee to serve with NextStep Ministries. We can’t wait to see them grow in their faith, work hard on the work...  Read More
by Rebecca Bartlett
Grace Church Board
March 3rd, 2023
The Grace Church Board is responsible for the overall governance of the network of Grace Churches. During their quarterly gatherings, they take a high level look at both the qualitative and quantitati...  Read More
by Rebecca Bartlett
The Deeply Formed Life: Mindful practices in a Mundane World
February 10th, 2023
 Mindful Practices in a Mundane WorldOrdinary practices are opportunities to glorify God. Deeply formed life is not compartmentalized.How do we live a deeply formed spiritual life in the mundane world...  Read More
by Rebecca Bartlett
Season 7 Rhythms of Grace Podcast
February 3rd, 2023
Season 7 of Rhythms of Grace PodcastPastors Sung Kim, Christine Anderson, and Nate Kimball kicked off 2023 with a new season of Rhythms of Grace podcast. The theme of this season is Things I Wish I'd ...  Read More
by Rebecca Bartlett
The Deeply Formed Life: Self-Examination in a Superficial World
January 13th, 2023
Text: Genesis 12-37; Exodus 20:1-6Resource: The Deeply Formed Life (Ch. 5-6) by Rich VillodasGod promises Abram a family so large that he would become a great nation:"The Lord said to Abram, "Go from ...  Read More
by Rebecca Bartlett
Offstage Christmas: Simeon & Anna
December 23rd, 2022
OFFSTAGE CHRISTMAS: Simeon & Anna Lev. 12:3-8 required sacrifice for purification 40 days after birth with offering of lamb or dove (2 doves if poor) in the temple courts. So Jesus arrives at the temp...  Read More
by Rebecca Bartlett
Offstage Christmas: King Herod
December 9th, 2022
Historical Setting: King Herod ruled from 37 B.C. over the kingdom of Israel, assigned by Romans in 40 B.C. Ruled with power and might. He was intent on proving to the world that he was the Messianic ...  Read More
by Rebecca Bartlett
Giving Tuesday + Hesed Community Church
November 18th, 2022
GIVING TUESDAY + Hesed Community ChurchOver the years, Grace Church has partnered with Hesed Community Church in Detroit with a focus on supporting the neighborhood, sharing our resources and developi...  Read More
by Rebecca Bartlett
Ten Thousand Reasons (Faith Works)
November 4th, 2022
The summary of James is saying - that faith without works is dead - sounds diametrically opposed to what Paul says - that we are made right with God by faith alone, not by works. Upon closer examinati...  Read More
by Rebecca Bartlett