October 4, 2021

Psalm 135:1
Praise the Lord

If you do a quick search of “social media and mental health” you will see something interesting. Many of the articles discuss how social media damages mental health through comparison, bullying, and creating an echo chamber. The rest talk about its value as a means of self expression, community building, and exploration. Depending on the article you read, Facebook is either an amazing communication tool or the most damaging invention of our modern era.

Both sides of the argument agree that social media increases our tendency to look at ourselves. We are either feeling inadequate, or empowered. We are either putting on a false face, or trying to be authentic. Regardless of whether it’s ruining us or broadening our horizons, almost all of it is “me” focused.

This is the power of the simple opening phrase from Psalm 135. The psalmist encourages us to look outward. To praise someone other than ourselves. To focus on something outside our sphere of control and influence.

Today, watch for times your attention turns inward—either in pride, sorrow, or selfishness. Instead of combatting those feelings directly, instead try simply shifting your focus outward to who God is. The rest of Psalm 135 has a multitude of ways to see God in a new light.
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