Advent, the four Sundays leading up to Christmas, is a time of expectant waiting where believers around the world look forward to the celebration of God coming to earth.

The problem is, we are so often waiting for a clean, perfect holiday to celebrate a tidy story. Commercialization has tried to make Christmas sterile and attractive, but it’s actually really messy and gritty—just like our lives sometimes. Jesus came to meet us in our messiness.

The fact is we all come from brokenness. Advent is the story of God coming into that pain in order to give meaning to our suffering and redeem our stories. This season, we have the opportunity to learn more about the amazing ways God redeems our stories in our series titled “The Women of Advent.”

Grace Church truly is one church in three locations. Visit any one of our locations in Ann Arbor and Canton to learn more about the messy, difficult, and beautiful season we call Advent.

December 1 | Underdogs & Outsiders

We may all be broken people from messy families, but God is not afraid or ashamed of our darkness. In fact, He entered into our darkness in order to redeem our messes. Through the stories of five women in Jesus’ family tree, we’ll learn more about what it means to be chosen by God just as we are.

December 8 | Tamar: Girl Interrupting

Tamar’s story at first seems like a tangled mess of sin and deception, and yet that’s not the whole story. No one is guiltless, just like today we all find ourselves in progress, waiting for the full redemption of God.

December 15 | Ruth: Lady in Waiting

The story of Ruth is in many ways extremely ordinary. There is no great miracle, no divine inspiration. And yet… God loves to do extraordinary things through the ordinary.

December 22 | Bathsheba: The King & I

Bathsheba, perhaps more than any other woman we’ll study this season, was a victim of circumstance. She was stolen, exploited, helpless to resist. As we look into the darker side of this familiar story, we find solace in the fact that we can acknowledge the shadows because of the light of Christ that has come into our hearts.

December 24 | Mary: The Mother of God

Mary is easily the most famous of the women of Advent. Join us for our candlelight Christmas Eve services at 4 and 5:30 PM as we experience a creative retelling of the Christmas story, sing some of our favorite Christmas carols, and prepare our hearts to celebrate the miracle of Jesus’ birth.

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