September 6, 2021

Revelation 21:5
​​And he that sat upon the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.”


Why did you become a Christian?

There may not be a single reason; the answer is probably a bit complex for most of us, including me. Did I receive Jesus because I was convinced of my desperate need for God’s forgiveness? Or because one day I realized God is really there and I’d better just deal with Him? Or because (to be brutally honest) I just wanted to make sure I punch my ticket to heaven? All of the above? And more?

One thing I know did not motivate me to become a Christian was any sort of vision I had to be an “agent of renewal”. But as Christians that is exactly what we are! We are the instruments of God’s choosing to “make all things new”. Ever since the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden, God has been busy with the work of renewal. Sometimes it’s hard for us to believe that—our world is absolutely devastated by sin. And while history has seen many, many remarkable changes, restorations and healings in all sorts of ways, it still seems like there’s just a massive amount of work to do. But God’s renewal goes on nonetheless, in changed lives, in changed families, in transformed cities and cultures. And his glorious desire is to begin and ignite and carry out all that wonderful transformation through… us! His beloved children.

God’s grace was never intended just to bring me peace about my own life and destiny. God’s grace is for everyone, it’s for the entire world, and it is desperately, desperately needed. As Christians we are here in Ann Arbor (or wherever you find yourself) to be the very presence of Christ in it.

Do you understand that? Do you see yourself as an “agent of renewal” on God’s behalf? Does that idea scare you or, perhaps, excite you in some way? Let’s take that question before our Heavenly Father! Lord, how would you have me bring renewal to my world today? Who might I help on their road to “being made new”? How might I have a hand today in fixing the brokenness that plagues my community and my world?

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