September 10, 2021

Revelation 21:5
And he that sat upon the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.”


If I am supposed to be “God’s vessel” as He makes all things new in this messed-up world, how exactly does that work?  How do I even begin to do that?

When I was a very young Christian, I was walking to the store in my small college town. It was a sleepy little downtown area, with few people on the sidewalks that morning. I was in a great mood.

Approaching me as I strolled merrily along was a slow-moving, stooped elderly woman. Her back was significantly bent from age, her head so low her face was parallel with the sidewalk. Everything about her screamed “grumpy old lady”, I thought, and she would not appreciate any interruptions. So initially I thought I’d just quietly pass her by (with lots of room to spare, too!) but I’d also been thinking about this whole notion of being “God’s light” in the world, so I decided to chance it.

“Well, a hearty good morning to you, ma’am, on this fine day!” I exclaimed brightly.

She stopped in her tracks, still looking down. Slowly she raised her head. And then her wrinkled, tired old face broke into the warmest grin I think I’ve ever seen. “Well, good morning to you, too, young man!” she managed to get out, before she bent down again and continued on her way.  

And the funny thing? I think I was blessed more than she was. I’ve never forgotten that smile.

That moment became a memorial to me of sorts. Whenever I wonder what to do with myself, whenever I’m not sure how I can bring light into the world, I always think of that old lady. And then I remember, I can always be an extension of God’s unfathomable love by just being kind. And warm. And friendly. And merciful to anyone who comes across my path. And then I’ll just see how God leads me from there.

Are you ever stuck wondering what you can do to be a vessel of God’s love and transformation?  Extending mercy and kindness to those around you can be a great place to start. How might God be encouraging you to step out in kindness today, even in the smallest of ways?

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