Small Beginnings, Big Difference (2009-2014)

Led by founding pastor, Sung Kim, and a launch team of 40 people, Grace Ann Arbor holds its first pubic worship gathering on September 13, 2009 with a 120 people in attendance, consisting primarily of grad students, young professionals, and families who are searching for a church that is more than just an event or a program to attend, but a growing community where ordinary people are together becoming more like Jesus.

Defining ourselves as a people who are together pursuing intimacy with God, connecting deeply with one another, and being Christ’s presence in the world, Grace Ann Arbor grows to over 500 people within its first five years. However, our calling is not simply to grow a large church, but to seek the peace and prosperity of our city (Jeremiah 29:7). Thus, we continually ask ourselves, “Would the people of Ann Arbor notice (or even care) if we were to suddenly disappear from the fabric of our city?” (Hence, the name of the city plays an integral part of our name).

One Church, Multiple Locations (2015-Present)

As a church that aims to meet in multiple locations and plant new churches all around the world, Grace launches a second location on September 13, 2015 in Canton (one of Michigan’s fastest growing townships on the west end of Metro Detroit), aptly named Grace Canton with over 200 people in attendance.

Also fulfilling our call to start new businesses and social entrepreneurial ventures for the common good of our city and our world, we help launch two sustainable non-profit organizations – Cultivate Coffee & Taphouse, a local business in Ypsilanti, Michigan and Neema, a global charitable foundation that develops leaders in Beni, Congo.

Multiple Churches, One Mission

Today, the network of Grace Churches has grown to 1,000 people meeting in two location (thus far) as we continue to join God in the work of transforming lives, renewing the city, and impacting the world by proclaiming the good news of Jesus and demonstrating our faith in action.

Our mission is to fulfill one of Jesus’ last commands: to multiply more and better disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) and to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). Thus, we not only send dozens of missionaries all over the world, but we empower hundreds of people to be missionaries in their own backyards. We invite you to join us as this is just the beginning of a larger movement of multiplying churches and businesses for the common good of the world and the ultimate glory of God.