November 30, 2020

Luke 7:38

…and standing behind him [Jesus] at his feet, weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears and wiped them with the hair of her head and kissed his feet and anointed them with the ointment.


I once read about a 19th century evangelist who said, “I will not pray the prayer of salvation with anyone until they are weeping at their sin.” Wow, I remember thinking… Have I ever wept at my sin?

One of the biggest challenges living as a Christian today might be our culture’s elevated sense of our own goodness apart from God. Being successful and “living a good, moral life” are highly valued, and being dependent on God is, frankly, not as much. Because of this we don’t like to talk about our failures or confess our struggles. Any sins we do admit we tend to think of as “lapses,” “mistakes” or perhaps “just a little slip-up”. There is simply a lot of pressure in our world today to see ourselves as good! 

But here’s the problem: When we see ourselves as good, with no recognition of God’s involvement except perhaps a casual nod in His direction, then really what need do we have for God at all? In other words, what does Christian salvation mean when we don’t even know what we need saving from

The truth is, in our world we are broken people who desperately need God’s intervention and forgiveness. The woman in our passage understood this. I don’t quite know how she seemed to so deeply understand Jesus’ role in her redemption, but she did. She knew with such conviction that she literally kissed His feet. She poured ointment on them, and she wept on them! And I wonder, why was she weeping? I can only guess she wept at her sin, she wept in gratefulness for forgiveness, and she wept out of deep emotion and love for her savior.  

How about you? How well do you think you comprehend your own need for God today? Have you ever wept at your sin? Perhaps this is a good day to ask God to remind you anew of the magnitude of what He’s done for you, and who you truly are as a child in His family!

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