May 21, 2021

1 Corinthians 7:7
I wish that all were as I myself am. But each has his own gift from God, one of one kind and one of another.


We know from Scripture that God ultimately intends good for His children, and He gives gifts to us according to His deep lovingkindness. But even when we know God’s gifts are good and good for us, have you ever noticed there always seem to be at least a few of His gifts we simply just do not want to receive?

In our passage this week Paul is speaking about living as a single, unmarried man, and he calls this single life a “gift from God.” On the surface most Christians would nod in agreement at this idea – it’s in Scripture after all! But on the inside, I wonder how many singles might be rolling their eyes and thinking Paul sure missed the boat on this one?

The best advice I ever heard for someone wrestling with a desire for marriage but having no prospects in sight actually came from a fairly young lady herself. She was wise beyond her years and found herself counseling more than a few young single women in our church. Her advice really struck me because it actually kind of applies to us all:

These young people always describe the kind of perfect person they’re looking for, what character qualities the person will have, how they need to be someone who really seeks after God’s guidance in life, and so on. And I always reply, “Well, instead of looking all over for the perfect spouse, why don’t you seek after God’s leading for your life? Instead of waiting for God to bring you a Godly person, why don’t you focus on being the kind of Godly person the Lord would have you be? Then maybe that wonderful spouse will eventually find you.”

I know, it is one thing to talk about the single life in theory, and it is another to walk it out. It is not easy. It can be painful and feel empty at times, and the desire for a spouse can be overpowering. But that lesson is the same for just about anything we crave: God must be our first desire, above all else. He is who we are made for, and we must find our primary contentment in Him. That is where our desires must first land, no matter what it is we are seeking.

How might God apply these thoughts in your life today?

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