May 18, 2020

1 John 4:16

God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.


Note how John chooses his words here: “God is love.” John specifically doesn’t say “God loves.” Nor does he say “God is loving” or “God is a God of love” or anything like that, but instead he says “God IS love.” Think about that for a moment! We don’t use the word “love” like an adjective, as we do describing all of God’s wonderful qualities (He is faithful, just, dependable, trustworthy, etc). No, John says, God IS LOVE. Love is a foundational part of who (or what!) God is.

How do we get our heads around that? The best picture I’ve heard came from radio host Steve Brown: “Love is to God like wet is to water, like hot is to fire… Love is not something God does, love is something He IS.” We cannot conceive of water apart from the concept of wetness. If I plunge my hand into water, the first thing I’m thinking is, “My hand is now wet.” Wet is my experience, my expectation, my understanding. Where there is water, there is wetness.  Wet is water. Water is wet. I mean… it just IS!

Do we think about God that way? When we consider God or approach Him in prayer, is love the first thing that we understand? If I “plunge” into God’s presence am I as automatically confident of His deep, deep love as I am my hand will get wet in water? How about you? Meditate today on your own acceptance of who God really is. And try not to limit your thinking: We’re not talking only about God’s love for the world. How about His deep, deep love for you?

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