March 24, 2021

Psalm 100:5

For the LORD is good;

his steadfast love endures forever,

and his faithfulness to all generations.


I remember working through a “half-truth” decades ago when I became a new Christian.  Back then I worked in a very small office with only six other employees, none of them Christians. And since most days we worked together very closely, they knew something had changed with me. One day my boss called me into her office and surprised me with her words.

“You’ve become very critical and judgmental lately, about so many things. It’s as if you don’t like working with us or want to be here anymore. If you need to move on, I’ll help you find another job. But we just can’t work with this new you anymore. We want the old you back.”

I was blown away. How could this be? I’ve become a Christian, and now they don’t want me around? They think I’m too judgmental? I thought Christians were supposed to be the loving ones! So why do my coworkers think I’m a jerk now?

My roommate was an experienced Christian, so I asked him for insight. “Your coworkers find you repugnant now because you’ve become the ‘aroma of death’ to them,” he confidently replied. “That’s what it says in 2 Corinthians 2:15.” And he showed me the passage to back it up.

At this point I was quite perplexed. On the one hand, my trusted roommate showed me from the Bible that I’m supposed to be the “aroma of death” to non-Christians. On the other hand, that truth seemed awfully severe by itself – what about God’s deep love for the lost? Shouldn’t others sense that in us, too?

After much inner debate, I decided to commit to love my coworkers rather than judge them. Yes, others may struggle with me being a Christian, but I would leave that in God’s hands. As far as what I could control, I was going to focus on encouraging and loving my coworkers, wherever they were in life, rather than look for reasons to condemn them.

And now, more than thirty years later, some of those coworkers are still beloved friends of mine. Who can say what seeds God has planted in them over all those years?    

Ask God to reveal any half-truths that are impacting your life. Do you focus on certain character qualities of God but leave others out? Ask Him to help you to understand today the magnificent, full picture of how good He really is!

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