March 16, 2020

Lamentation 2:14

14 Your prophets have said

    so many foolish things, false to the core.

They did not save you from exile

    by pointing out your sins.

Instead, they painted false pictures,

    filling you with false hope.


We haven’t seen very many messages of hope in the book of Lamentations. Here in verse 14, hope makes an appearance, but it feels in line with everything we’ve read in Lamentations so far—because even the hope we have is false. Not much to rejoice in here. However, the lesson of false prophets, false pictures, and false hope is a timely one. We are bombarded by prophets giving false promises: Politicians promise that their party will change the world. Money managers promise that their investment plan will bring us the happiness we crave. Corporations dangle the next promotion as the fulfillment of all our hard work. Universities tell us that the next set of letters after our name will open the doors we want.

We are inundated by false pictures in every magazine and instagram feed. Almost every image we admire has been doctored, photoshopped, or outright manufactured. Those images give us the dream vacation, dream body, dream relationship, or dream meal that we can never have because they never existed in the first place. We are so easily filled with false hope. What prophets are you listening to right now? What standard are you measuring life by? Today, be mindful of the messages you choose to believe. Ask God to show you a real hope, born out of his will.

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