January 25, 2021

Philippians 1:6

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.


Our new sermon series on “recalibrating” asks us to consider where we are at personally today. How are we doing with life, with God, with the virus? What kinds of lessons are we learning? This week we talked about our habits, disciplines and goals.

And I have to be brutally honest: I hate talking about habits, disciplines and goals!

Where does this reaction come from? Well, for starters I’m a pretty driven person, and disciplines are all part being an achiever. I’m also a perfectionist, so anything that highlights my mistakes or weaknesses automatically seems negative to me. Plus, I worked for many years in the corporate world, and if there’s any place in the world where you set goals, it’s there: goals to struggle with, goals to finally achieve, and then once achieved new goals that are bigger and harder than the last ones. So, on the surface, all this talk about habits and goals just sounds like a lot more work to me!

But God has a much, much different perspective. Did you know God has goals for you? And, amazingly, He wants to come alongside and help do the work, too! A lot of the work, as it turns out. Look at our passage: Who began the “good work” in you? God. And who promises to complete that work in you? God. He’s in this process from start to finish. And if we’re willing to at least try to follow His lead along the way, we find our Creator is constantly but gently molding us, challenging us, adjusting us, and healing us, all through our lives. And our own disciplines and habits? They’re all simply how we participate in the process.

But what is God’s goal in the end? It’s simple: God is making us more than we are today. He’s making us more like Himself. Because He loves us, that much. How do you view your life’s habits and disciplines? Do they feel like a load of hard work and expectations? Or are you able to grasp the enormity of what God is doing in you, and how your habits and disciplines are part of that process? Let’s ask God to give us a fresh perspective today about His wonderful and tender work in our lives!

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