February 10, 2021

Matthew 11:29

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”


Have you ever had a lousy boss?

In our passage today, Jesus is essentially inviting us to come work for Him, to let Him be our boss. And I assure you, Jesus is a great boss! I mean, just look at the benefits. First, Jesus offers to actively teach us through our work, and there is no more gracious, effective and patient teacher than Jesus. Second, through our work for Him we will find rest – not physical rest, but rest for our souls: deep rest, inner rest, the kind of rest that soothes our worries, calms our anxieties, and heals wounds we may not even know we have suffered.

I’ve worked for many bosses in my life, most of them pretty good, some not as much. One job required me to consistently interact with multiple company Vice Presidents for a time. In that position I discovered that just a normal walk down the hallway can be like a gauntlet. If certain VPs happened to see me, they often dropped everything and asked me for updates. How is the work going? Is the update going smoothly?Did we fix yesterday’s problem? Barely a hello sometimes! Whatever the crisis of the day was, they needed to know. Now.

I kind of hated walking down that hallway.

But one boss was different. He always smiled. He asked me how I was holding up. And he wasn’t as worried about the crisis of the day, he seemed to be more concerned about our long-term success. He understood I was already trying hard, and he wanted me to know he appreciated it. He cared. And he was there for me if I needed him.

I really liked seeing him.

I learned something really important in that job. For most of those VPs, I worked hard because I had to. I performed because if I didn’t, I would ultimately pay for it somehow (disapproval, bad raise, get yelled at, etc.). But for the caring boss it was totally different. I found myself working hard for him because I wanted to. Because I knew he cared about me.  Because even if I made a big mistake he would walk through the consequences by my side, without condemning me or my work. That made all the difference.

In your Christian life, why do you do good works? What drives you to volunteer, to give, or to help others? Is it because God might be displeased if you don’t? Or is it because He loves you deeply and is always by your side, no matter what?

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