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July 27, 2020 7:00 pm

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Nate Kimball


This summer, Grace Church has been facilitating a series of workshops on topics that we believe are close to the heart of God. We started with workshops on the topics of racial justice and navigating grief and loss. Our third workshop will address mental health, focusing on managing depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are daily realities in the lives of many of us. Especially over the past few months, as so much in our lives and routines have been disrupted, mental health across the world has declined.

In this workshop, expert panelists in the mental health field will lead us through a discussion on mental health and share multiple ways one can manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. There will also be opportunities for you to ask questions. We hope you will walk away from this workshop identifying one step you plan to take to address symptoms you may be experiencing from depression or anxiety.

***You can watch the full workshop at the link saying "Watch the July 27th recording here!"