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December 1, 2020 11:59 pm

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Tuesday, December 1st, is Giving Tuesday! Grace Church will be participating by raising money to support our missional partner Destiny Rescue. Between Rescue Sunday and Giving Tuesday, we have committed to rescuing 18 girls with a total of $27,000.

From within the American bubble, it is easy to view sexual exploitation and human trafficking as a diminishing problem. In fact, over a million children are trapped in this $99 billion industry around the world. That's in addition to the nearly 4 million adults being exploited every day.

That all sounds like a lot, but here's the reality: each of those children has a name, a story, a family. Each of them is deeply loved by God.

As followers of Christ, we are called to bring light to the darkness and hope to the hopeless. Our missional partner Destiny Rescue embodies this so well. It takes $1,500 to rescue a child from sex trafficking, but the journey doesn't stop at the rescue. Destiny Rescue is committed to restoring the rescued through counseling, discipleship, education, safety, and love. Then, they provide alternative paths for at-risk children and families.