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August 27, 2019 7:00 pm

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Grace Ann Arbor


Jon Beyer


Have you ever struggled with depression or anxiety? With one in five people struggling with an anxiety disorder today, chances are good that you or someone you know is being impacted by anxiety or depression. This month, take a step toward a healthier mental and spiritual life with our free workshop series titled Finding Freedom: Reduce Your Stress and Deepen Your Relationships. Join Ali Ross, M.A. L.L.P.C., on Tuesday August 20 and 27 from 7 to 9PM for a free workshop that will help you make a lasting positive change.

Attend one or both sessions!

Week 1: Reduce Stress: Learn how we unknowingly invite ourselves into situations that cause more stress.
Week 2: Relationships: Give and receive the love modeled by Jesus- a love that all human beings desire. Feel truly seen and known by your spouse, friends, and family. Improve your communication with your boss and coworkers.

Facilitated by Ali Ross MA LLPC a member of Grace Ann Arbor and Psychotherapist in Ann Arbor, MI.

Here's a little more about Ali's story:
I spent most of my life praying that God would heal me and take away my anxiety. At the same time, I did not look for any opportunities to change my behavior, step into healthier relationships and form better habits. No wonder my anxiety never went away. Looking back, I can now see that I was closed off to opportunities God laid in front of me to improve my mental health. Why did I stay in friendships and relationships when it was clear that I would never get what I desperately wanted: to feel truly understood and loved just as I was (just as Jesus loves). Why did I continually play out worst-case scenarios in my head even though I logically knew that it would just further my anxiety? Why was I so often in the “victim role” believing there was no solution out there for me? The answer: being in those situations, experiencing those feelings, thinking those thoughts was familiar to me.

Our beliefs about self and world are formulated at an extremely young age (about 0-6 years) through our experiences and environment. As adults, we unknowingly put ourselves into scenarios that align with what we learned about the world at a very young age. I invited situations into my life that kept me anxious without even knowing it. With the cross, Jesus aimed to set us free from the same old patterns that keep us isolated, angry, anxious and ultimately away from experiencing His love/ furthering His Kingdom.

I’m Ali Ross, M.A. L.L.P.C. I’m a member of Grace Ann Arbor and I run a psychotherapy practice in Ann Arbor, MI. Join me for a workshop that will help you look at your belief system – formulated in early childhood – in hopes of creating lasting positive change in your life.