We equip and encourage people to connect, grow, serve, and invite in five different relational contexts – public, social, personal, transparent, divine – all which serve different goals in the lifelong process of intentionally becoming more like Jesus with those around us.


The Public Context exists for people to gather in the hundreds around a shared experience (eg. concert, football game). Our Worship Gatherings serves as an important context to hear and respond to the gospel.


The Social Context ranges between twenty and seventy people where we share snapshots of who we are and thereby seek to build affinity with one another (eg. backyard BBQ, house parties). Our Social Events are fun and meaningful gatherings to invite friends, co-workers, and neighbors into our life together.


The Personal Context forms in group of five to fifteen people where we feel safe to share private information in an environment of care and acceptance. Our Community Groups serve as a place to share life together with others through mutual learning, prayer, and support.


The Transparent Context is when you’re with just one, two, or three of your closest friends, often characterized by complete openness, vulnerability and trust. Our Discipleship Circles are gender specific huddles that meet for mutual discernment, challenge, and accountability.


The Divine Context represents God’s direct interactions with us (and ours with Him) at an individual level. Our communion with God equips us to engage more fruitfully in each of the other four contexts.


Visually, our life together in becoming more like Jesus is represented below. This graphic implies that we must stop expecting just one or two contexts to completely fulfill our search to belong or to meet all of our desires to grow closer to God. The second implication is that we must start establishing a sustainable rhythm that in each of these contexts to fully play our part in joining God in His work of redemption in the world.