August 13, 2021

Luke 14:27

“And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.”


What assumptions do you live by?

We all make them. As thinking, rational creations of God we all have underlying assumptions or beliefs which greatly influence our daily living. The way we think, behave and feel (in virtually everything) are driven by these foundational assumptions we’ve made about what is true and what is not.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’ve grown up solidly middle-class. You’ve never once gone hungry. And not only do you get enough food, you almost always get to eat what you prefer to eat. So what kind of assumptions would a typical person make in that situation? Well, you’d probably assume that’s just normal life! I always get to eat what I want. It wouldn’t even be a conscious thought. It’s always just been that way, and it seems like it will always be that way.

But that would be a bad assumption. I cannot assume I will always eat what I want, because we live in a broken world where many people do not get to eat what they want. Many people are happy to just have food to eat at all, and others have none. God never promised my taste buds will always be tickled, and I need to be careful not to assume He does. (Even though sometimes I still do.)

The same applies to today’s passage. Jesus says there is a cost to following Him, and He compares it to the cost He would ultimately pay on our behalf: “carrying a cross” to a brutal, sacrificial death. I have not paid any costs remotely close to that yet, and even my most difficult moments as a Christian were minuscule compared to many saints. I must be careful not to assume it will always be that way.

So, again, let’s consider: what assumptions do you live by? And what behaviors or choices do you make that reflect those assumptions? Let’s ask God today, please show us what assumptions we make! What ideas about You do we depend upon that simply may not be true or accurate?

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