We’re all different. We come from different backgrounds. We’re looking for different things. What we have in common is a desire to belong. When you’re looking for a church, you want to find a church that will be a good fit for you. Where do you even start?

1. The Staff Page.

Okay, this might not seem like the first place you’d go, but you can learn a lot about a church by the people who run the ministries day-to-day.

2. The causes they support.

Living churches pour out, but God has laid different burdens on everyone’s hearts. Does this church support causes that are meaningful to you?

3. Listen to a sermon.

A big part of church is the teaching it provides, but more than that, the core beliefs of a church will often be more visible in a sermon than they are on an “about us” page.

4. Which ministries they prioritize.

Do you have kids? Teens? Are you in college or newlywed or retired? What does this church have to support you?

5. Midweek opportunities.

Church isn’t a Sunday service. Church is a community. How will you be able to stay plugged in throughout the week?

Wait, you’re saying, you missed one important thing! If you’ve done all this, there is an obvious next step: visit on a Sunday! There’s only so much you can find out online, so take that step. It could be a first step toward finding a place where you really belong.